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Dear Faculty member you are welcome

and you are a source of pride to Prince Sattam bin Abdul Aziz University.

We believe that the academic march will be continued with you and the university outputs will be enhanced by you.

Saudi Arabia's vision 2030 New Faculty Members Portal

We are pleased to provide you with a number of

Important e-services and application that facilitate your job.

  • Single Sign-on and e-Mail
    How to obtain faculty member e-mail? First, begin by visiting the single sign-on page on the university’s main portal to create an e-mail at the following link: Fulfill the required information such as bank accounting number, mobile number and ID number. 
  • Personal Websites
    Deanship of IT and Distance Learning has developed an integrated system that enables the faculty members to build and manage their own websites without the need of advanced skills in building websites. The system includes the services that are required in scientific and academic communication by displaying the faculty member’s CV, achievements, research and scientific publication. Also, it includes his courses discerption and presentation.
  • Academic e-service
    Academic e-services are a facilitating mean to faculty member daily work. You can login by your single sign-on username and get benefits of all the available e-services. This portal is considered the main conduit to a wide scope of academic services that enable the faculty member to follow up his classes and courses. It enables him to monitor the students’ exam results, attendance and provides them with academic guidance. the service is activated through the single sign-on system.

Telephony services and devices

The university has provided telephone devices that work through (IP-Telephony) technology. It unifies voice, video and data application on the land and wireless network.

Technical Support

A system for filing technical problems and organizing the workflow of the application from its beginning to its end. The system was developed to facilitate the process of filing a problem. Technical support services:


  • News and activities of the e-learning in the university.
  • Courses announcement and registration.
  • Self-training courses.
  • Blackboard login.
  • Virtual classes system.
  • Exam system requirements.
  • Mobile learning system.

This portal can be accessed through the following link or from the e-services of the faculty members.


  • Uploading homework.
  • Monitoring grades through the system.
  • Uploading course content.
  • Creating course forums for registered students.
  • Sending notification SMS and creating groups.
  • The faculty member is able to upload a unit from a course and the homework of this unit. The system includes more than 22 type of questions. In addition, he is able to create discussion forums and to set marks for the homework and participation.

International e-learning systems include the most known e-learning system (Blackboard). It is a portal for a pack of services provided for the faculty member and the student. It contains virtual classes, e-exams, SMS and mobile learning system. Moreover, it contains access information for Blackboard training programs, along with bilingual self-learning guides.


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